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Sampling & Dispensing Booth

Sampling & Dispensing Booth

Sampling Booth

Dispensing & Sampling Booths are designed to give mixed air flow stream for product, operator and environmental protection and used to control the hazardous emissions of dust powder during powder dispensing/sampling process.

Sampling and Dispensing booth are used to draw samples and for dispensing the raw material from bigger container to the small ones before entering them to process area. The sampling booth are fitted with HEPA and are having Reverse Laminar flow concept for powder based and single pass for solvent or chemical based.

The unit is made of stainless steel and H14 HEPA bank on the top which throws the clean air from top to down and with 70-30 reverse flow pattern . The front is covered with flexible polyester curtain made of strips . The suction is done through return air grills with microvee filter /pocket bag filter .

  • The unit is fitted with adequate light of 400 Lux min or as needed by client
  • Sizes are : height standard 2250 / 2500 mm
  • width ( tailored design ) : 6 ft x 6 ft , 4ft x 4ft , 6ft x 4ft or as required
  • 3-Stage Filtration : Pre-filter, Fine Filter, HEPA filter (EU-14)
  • Heavy duty Low noise motor blower assembly
  • Suitable to accommodate to floor & table balances
  • All booths are validated and shipped prior to dispatch with DQ,IQ,PQ,OQ as per GMP STD
  • Cleanliness: Class 100
  • MOC: SS 304/316
  • HEPA Filter: Minipleat HEPA filters down to 0.3micronparticulate at an efficiency of 99.997% duly tested on DOP Aerosol method.
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