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About Us

Chempharm Industries India Pvt Limited, with over 40 years of manufacturing expertise, we offer complete turnkey solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Our in-house capabilities cover products as diverse as HVAC components, cleanrooms, containment equipment, electrical panels and HEPA filters. Specializing in understanding pharmaceutical needs, we provide services from clean room solutions to security systems. With a trusted legacy through 500+ projects, Chempharm Industries invites collaboration to create innovative spaces in the pharmaceutical industry.

About Chempharm

Pioneering Turnkey Solutions in Pharmaceutical Infrastructure

Welcome to Chempharm Industries India Pvt Ltd, where our innovation and excellence in manufacturing meets our expertise in providing comprehensive turnkey solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

Four Decades of Manufacturing Excellence

For over 40 years, our journey has been marked by a steadfast commitment to quality and precision. We are not just solution providers; We are creators at heart. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities differentiate us in the field of turnkey solutions. Our product range is diverse from designing state-of-the-art HEPA filters to designing robust clean room, HVAC components, wide range of electrical panels.

Your Vision, Our Mission

Understanding the nuanced requirements of pharmaceutical setups, we offer a suite of services that cover every aspect of project execution – from conceptual design to finishing touches. Our expertise includes:

  • Clean Room Solutions: Tailored environments to meet stringent pharmaceutical standards.
  • HVAC Systems: Ensuring optimal climate control for sensitive pharmaceutical processes.
  • Electrical and BMS: Integrating state-of-the-art electrical panels with bespoke Building Management Systems for uncompromised safety and efficiency.
  • Utilities and Security: Comprehensive solutions encompassing Fire Fighting systems and advanced CCTV surveillance for complete operational security.
  • Validation services and Documentation as per International standards with detailed DQ, IQ , PQ & OQ etc .
  • Process Machines selections and specification and also sourcing from the best manufacturers with full support in inspections.
  • Layouts preparations , Full scale designs documents , BOQ for the complete project and so on.
  • Maintenance , hand holding till the batches are prepared , Audit support etc.

A Legacy of Trust

Our 500+ successfully executed projects demonstrate our commitment to excellence. Each project is a testament to our ability to combine innovative manufacturing with seamless project execution, creating spaces that not only meet but exceed global pharmaceutical standards.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

At Chempharm, we believe in creating spaces that are more than just functional; we are the cradle of invention and innovation in the pharmaceutical industry. Partner with us and embark on the journey of developing your vision with our expertise, from concept to completion.

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