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Mist Shower is a chamber installed at exit of clean room where Hazardous Product like Onco Drugs, Hormonal injectibles, Sterile products and likewise. It is designed to provide protection during de-gowning process while exiting the area.

Air actuated mist showers using ultrasonic nozzles are required for making mist shower .The purpose of mist shower is to make powder stick to the clean room dress of the person coming out of the manufacturing facilities like API / Oncology manufacturing units . The loose powder sitting on the dress of the person should not contaminate the air when the person coming out . The powder is made stick to the dress by using water based mist and the precaution need to be taken that the water should not drip . It is because of this reason the ultrasonic mist nozzles are required . The mist shower is equipped with dry zone where the person moves to the next compartment and remove his or her clear room gowns and throws it in a v
accumized fully sealed incinerator . One person entry is only allowed at a time . DI water with HEPA air atomization is done using ultrasonic mist nozzles . Drip tank is fitted on the floor .
  • SS 304/316 cabinet
  • Mist shower pumps (imported) with ultra sonic nozzles
  • Intergrated drain system
  • Exhaust filtration system with BIBO HEPA (EU-14)
  • High-end control systems (fully PLC based) with in-built safety features
  • Integrated exhaust system
  • LED lights as per required lux
  • All Showers are validated and shipped prior to dispatch with DQ,IQ,PQ,OQ as per GMP STD
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