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Air Shower

Air showers are a vital part of a clean room system. Air showers are placed at the entry and exit gates of a clean room or other controlled environment systems. Air showers come packed with HEPA and ULPA air filters, which helps in the removal of loose contamination from personnel before they enter the clean room. This assists in reducing the product defects and increases hygiene in the clean room atmosphere for increased yields.

What is an Air Shower?

Air showers are a pass through area, which is installed at every entry and exit point. The air shower clean room system helps in removing the contamination or human external dust and bacteria. The air shower system uses a high pressure turbulent air of 3000 – 7000 ft. per minute to clean all the contamination travelling along with the personnel entering the clean room atmosphere using the reverse air flow or suction.

Clean rooms help in the removal of tiny particles and make the atmosphere free from any contamination to ensure hygienic manufacturing process. Clean rooms are commonly used in industries like manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotech, electronics and more. Cleanrooms use air showers to adhere to strict guidelines and remove all the contamination.

As contaminants travel easily with the personnel and objects they carry, it can cause some issues in the hygiene maintained by the cleanroom systems. Thus, it is of extreme importance to install air showers at all the entry and exit points of the clean room to keep the room free from any contamination.

Benefits of Air Showers

The entire clean room system is essential to prevent contamination. But, air showers indeed is an essential part of the system. Air showers help in the prevention of contamination and impacts positively on the quality of the products and equipment that are being manufactured in the clean room.

Not only this, air showers help in reducing the need for continuous maintenance of the classroom as the risk of contamination will be subdued. Installing an air shower clean room will help remove contamination at the very entrance of every personnel. This will improve the performance and life of HEPA and ULPA filters. Other than this, air shower systems will also enhance the efficiency of the HEPA filters by putting less stress on them.

Types of Air Showers in India

Following are some of the types of air shower systems available in India:

  • Roll-up Door Air Shower Tunnel
  • Double Door Air shower (Sliding or Pull type manual)
  • Air Shower Tunnel – Walk through with Single Door
  • Standard Single Door Air Shower for 3-6-9 persons (Door size 800 mm approx x 6 ft Approx depth)

Let’s now understand the types of air shower clean room systems in detail below:

Roll-up-Door Air shower tunnel

You can move upto 15-20 Workers or staff at a time. Man and Material movement can take place through this. We have added sanitizer mist nozzles with pumps as optional which means there is double action which is taking place. Bacteria removal action takes place with high pressure air jets using HEPA H14 filters and side by side Sanitization by using WHO approved industrial sanitizer alcohol and cetrimide based. This feature is an optional . Size : Upto 3000 MM Door Width x 2500 Height X 2500 Depth

Advantage of Roll up Door Air shower:

  • Heavy movement of workers / staff
  • Man and material movement can be done simultaneously
  • Direct Floor mounted
  • Fully automatic , sensor operated

Double Door Air shower (Sliding or Pull type manual)

This design is also suitable for heavy traffic and door design is sliding with sensor or pull type manual with handle . Here the space is needed on the sides for the door movement. This is also floor mounted or can be raised flooring. Floor mounted can be used for man and material movement both. Door size: 1500 mm x Depth of ( 2000 X 2000 MM).

Air Shower Tunnel – Walk through with Single Door

Keep moving through the tunnel 2 to 3 persons at a time and next 2-3 persons can enter after the first lot is out of the tunnel. This is used where space is constrained on the width wise. You cannot move Material in this tunnel as the base is raised flooring with perforated or chequered plate. Size: 1000 mm (with 800 mm door) x 12 ft long.

Standard Single Door Air Shower for 3-6-9 persons. (Door size 800 mm approx x 6 ft Approx depth)

Conventional design Air shower for low traffic of workers or no requirement of material movement.

How to Choose the Best Air Shower?

While selecting the best air shower system for your clean room, you should consider the factors mentioned below:

  • The air shower shell should be made of stainless steel or painted steel
  • The air shower system should be modular, which means it should come with an easy configuration, shipment. Not only this, it should be easy to assemble as well
  • The blower fans used in the air shower clean room system should supply high velocity and volume of air, which will help in keeping the clean room free of contamination
  • The system should come with pre-filters and HEPA filters to ensure effective filtration system

The air shower system should include multiple air nozzles.

Types of Air Showers in India

Following are the models of air shower systems provided by Chempharm India:

  • Can be used for large work force upto 20 persons at a time
  • Can be used for man and material
  • Special feature of Roll up door instead of swing door for space constraints and quick opening of 3000mm

How to Buy Best Air Shower?

As you now know, the air shower system is just a part of the clean room system, it becomes of extreme importance that you first buy a clean room or buy an air shower system and clean room system together for complete hygiene. You can avail the best clean room system at Chempharma India. If you already are an owner of clean room system, you can purchase air shower system by visiting the Chempharm India official website and follow the easy steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Visit the official Chempharm website.

Step 2: Click on ‘Air Shower’ mentioned under the ‘Products’ tab > ‘Equipments’ in the menu navigation.

Step 3: Provide the necessary information and click on “Submit”. Our team will get back to you on priority to know more about your requirements.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with us by calling us at:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Air shower is a part of the clean room system, which ensures reducing the contamination brought into a controlled environment like clean room via personnel or through any mode. Air shower works by moving air over the personnel at high velocity during entry and exit from the clean room. The air shower system comes with high velocity fans and HEPA and ULPA filters to keep the clean room free from any contamination.

The air shower fan helps in the air circulation throughout the controlled environment room or clean room. Not only this, the unique fan and diffuser combination keeps the room’s air in constant motion to create an air shower all around to keep the entire room more comfortable for everyone.

Air shower systems for clean rooms are used in several industries to reduce contamination and improve the effectiveness of the products manufactured. Following are the most common applications of air shower systems:

  • Biomedical products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Microelectronics
  • Precision Manufacturing

Usually, air from the air shower system flows at a velocity of 3000 to 8000 feet per minute from the jet nozzles for 30-45 seconds. This helps in the removal of dust particles and contamination present in the air.

As per a few tests conducted to check the efficacy of air showers, it was concluded that an air shower clean room system does help in reducing the contamination in a controlled environment. So, to conclude this, Yes air showers are worth their cost as they help in improving quality of products manufactured and keeps the manufacturing process free from contamination.

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