Sampling & Dispensing Booth

What is a Sampling & Dispensing Booth?

Sampling & Dispensing Booth are overhead air modules that work on the principle of laminar air flow with HEPA filters and pre-filters. It is used for preventing powder contamination while filling, weighing and sampling/ dispensing of raw material. It utilizes downward draught air flow technique to prevent airborne dust from harming the operator or contaminating the surrounding environment.While refilling, weighing, extracting, mixing or sampling of hazardous drugs compounds or raw materials in powdered form, sampling booths utilizes downward air pull or reverse laminar air flow technique which pulls the air away from the operator or user,  through pre-filters installed at rear-walls which efficiently traps powders or particulate contamination or toxic compounds and recirculates air through ceiling mounted HEPA filters, which are designed to operate at a very high efficiency. (Generally HEPA Filters rated at 99.99% efficiency at 0.3 microns are used to cleanse the recirculated air.)

Why do you need a Sampling or Dispensing booth?

Sampling or dispensing booths are used in a variety of applications, especially in pharmaceutical, electronics, chemical, healthcare, vaccine or food industry which deals in raw materials getting processed in powdered form and can be hazardous for operators or the environment.

These particles can be active or toxic compounds which can be hazardous in nature, hence preventing its spillage or dispersion is of paramount importance. Pharmaceutical Industry is one of the primary applications where manufacturing of tablets, medicine, drugs or capsules can cause environmental contamination during the process of weighing or measuring or sampling and hence sampling or dispensing booths play an important role, as a result these are commonly known as Pharmaceutical Sampling Booth and Pharmaceutical Dispensing Booth.

What does a Sampling or Dispensing System comprises of?

Sampling or Dispensing Booth Construction

Sampling or Dispensing booth is usually a stainless steel structure that comprises of triple stage filtration system 
  • Pre filter (10µ filter): Responsible for trapping particulate contamination. 
  • Intermediate filter(3µ): Finer filtration of the pre-filtered air. 
  • HEPA FIlter(0.3µ): High efficiency HEPA filter does filtration before recirculating air.
The laminar air flow is achieved by a Heavy duty Low noise motor blower assembly which creates a negative pressure difference with reference to cleanroom. These sampling booths can be designed as portable booths with the help of caster wheels. The pre-filters are made of non woven polyester fibers and are washable and can be cleaned on regular intervals as part of maintenance. HEPA filters need regular maintenance by checking pressure difference using magnetic gauge. The unit is made of stainless steel and H14 HEPA bank with ceiling mounted air flow for clean air flowing from top to down with a 70-30 reverse flow pattern. The front is covered with a flexible polyester curtain made of strips . The suction is done through return air grills with microvee filter /pocket bag filter.All booths are validated and shipped prior to dispatch with DQ,IQ,PQ,OQ as per GMP STD.

Standard Construction Dimensions

Chempharm constructs standard products and can personalize solutions based on the customers requirements. 
  • Height is 2250 / 2500 mm
  • Width ( tailored design ) : 6 ft x 6 ft , 4ft x 4ft , 6ft x 4ft or as required
  • The unit is fitted with adequate light of 400 Lux minimum or as needed by client
  • Flexible polyester curtains.
  • Cleanliness: Class 100
  • MOC: SS 304/316
  • HEPA Filter: Minipleat HEPA filters down to 0.3micron particle size at an efficiency of 99.997% duly tested on DOP Aerosol method.

How Does Sampling or Dispensing Booth Works?

Step 1: Motor blower assembly creates a negative pressure zone Step 2: Through an overhead module air flows from top to bottom carrying the contamination into a pre-filter and away from the operator. Step 3: After the pre-filter, air passes through a fine filter that operates at 3 micron, this further purifies the air Step 4: Finally air travels through the HEPA filter back into the clean room.

Where to Buy Sampling or Dispensing Booth System?

Chempharm India offers Sampling or Dispensing Booth system with total facility solution as per EU GMP/PICs (Pharmaceutical inspection Convention/U.S. FDA/W.H.O. Compliance). Chempharm India provides tailor made Sampling or Dispensing Booths, which are designed taking into consideration the demanding requirements of Relative Humidity, Temperature, Positive or Negative Pressurization, Air Borne Particle Classification, Air Flow Patterns and much more. You can buy these systems as per your requirement from Chempharm India to ensure the cleanroom architecture.

How to Buy Sampling or Dispensing Booth System?

You can buy the best Sampling or Dispensing Booth system available by visiting the Chempharm India official website. 

You can buy HVAC system in no time by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Visit the official Chempharm website.

Step 2: Click on “Sampling Booth”  mentioned under the “Cleanroom Equipments” tab in the menu navigation.

Step 3: Click on “Get a Free Quote”, Provide the necessary information and click on “Submit”. Our team will get back to you on priority to know more about your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the Difference between RLAF and LAF?

LAF, or Laminar air flow is a parallel air flow which is designed to flow air only once per cycle, it protects only products and not the surroundings, not recommended for raw materials dispensing.

Whereas RLAF or Reverse Laminar air flow is a turbulent air flow in vertical or horizontal direction, in which air flow is recirculated which protects both  the product and the environment, best suited for sampling, weighing and dispensing raw materials.

Q. What is the main principle on which Sampling or Dispensing Booth works?

The main principle on which Sampling & Dispensing Booth operate is the RLAF which is creating “A negative pressure inside the working booth to prevent the escape of fine powder like raw materials from the work station towards the external environment, while the  downward airflow ensures protection to the operator and product”.

Q. When LAF & RLAF to be used?

Based on the application of the booths the air flow can be designed, if the booths are installed to prevent only product contamination then Laminar Air flow is sufficient, however if both product and environment contamination is concerned then RLAF is used. 

Q. What are the stages of air filtration required in the Sampling & Dispensing Booth?

A three stage air filtration system is deployed to ensure complete safety of operator and product from being spilled or contaminating the working environment.

  • EU6 – Pre-filter (95% down to 5 micron)
  • EU7 – INTERMEDIATE FILTER – Supply / Exhaust (95% down to 3 micron)
  • EU14 – HEPA Filter – Supply (99.999% down to 0.3 micron)

Q.How can we get Turbulent airflow in RLAF?

Turbulent air flow is achieved by an electric motor blower assembly usually mounted on suspension arrangement for diminishing the noise level, acceptable noise levels are 60 to 67dB.

Q. Are there any special tests to be carried out?

Yes, onsite test are required post installation 

  • HEPA Filter Integrity Test
  • Particle Count Test
  • Air Velocity Measurement Test
  • Smoke Profile Test