Dedusting Tunnel

What is a Dedusting Tunnel

Dedusting Tunnels are used to remove loose particles of dust and particulate matter that accumulate on raw material containers like drums, cartons boxes, sacks or bags prior to sampling or dispensing. 

Such tunnels are designed to allow entry of objects from one end over a rolling conveyor with air nozzles blowing high pressure air over the objects thereby removing any loose particles over the entering object. In addition to air nozzles dedusting tunnels can also feature rotating brushes in horizontal & vertical assembly to ensure ever greater protection of cleanroom or raw material contamination.

The tunnels are designed to perform consistently at low maintenance and high reliability. These tunnels can be designed to operate autonomously or respond on demand, depending upon the requirements.

Why do you need a dedusting tunnel in Cleanroom solutions

Reduce dust particle levels

The adjustable air flow and brushing system is designed to scrub containers or boxes of loose particles which are then collected in a tray and filtered via a high efficiency HEPA filtration system.

Improve product quality and yield

The de-dusting tunnel brushes all surfaces or incoming containers and then blows off loose dirt and debris from incoming raw material packages ensuring outside dirt or contamination stays out of the quarantine zone. Low contamination ensures higher producing quality and yield.

Process Automation

Dedusting tunnels can scrub objects such as drums, boxes and even bags by tracking their outline surfaces and such systems can augment a weighing scale at the end of the tunnel which can print weight and package number for warehouse/cleanroom reference. Variable conveyor speed can control object entry from 60 to 120 objects per hour.

What does a dedusting tunnel system comprises

A Dedusting tunnel system is usually a stainless steel structure that comprises a conveyor system with HEPA filtration and rotating brushes for scrubbing incoming packages of loose particles of dust.  

Salient Features:

  • A sturdy outside cabinet made of stainless steel SS 202/304. 
  • Single pass autonomous system with sliding entry and exit doors. Automatic actuation operation and adjustable time operation through solid state relay control.
  • Continuous conveyor system with rotating brush deployed on horizontal and vertical to entering object.
  • High-velocity HEPA Filter motor blower assembly (8000 fpm - 10000 fpm) with manually or programmatic direction control.
  • Ambient LED lighting that can provide light intensity in excess of 400 Lux.
  • All tunnels are validated and shipped prior to dispatch with DQ,IQ,PQ,OQ as per GMP Std.

Outside Unit is a stainless steel cabinet which can be CRCA powder coated or a double wall PUFF filled panel.

Conveyor system is a PLC/ Manually controlled single pass mechanism that allows entry of packages at a predefined controlled speed.

High efficiency H14 HEPA system with ceiling mounted air flow nozzles blowing air from top to down with a 70-30 reverse flow pattern. The front can be a sliding door or covered with a flexible polyester curtain made of strips. The suction is done through return air grills with microvee filter /pocket bag filter.

How Does Dedusting Tunnel Work

  • Step 1: Entry is curtain or door sensing the incoming package and its dimensions.
  • Step 2: The conveyor controls the speed of the entering package and move the package slowly via the negative pressure zone
  • Step 3: Motor blower assembly creates a negative pressure zone for capturing loose dust particles.
  • Step 4: Through an overhead module air flows from top to bottom carrying the contamination into a tray or collection zone and away from the package.
  • Step 5: Rotating brushes scrubs the incoming package of any excess particles and prepares the raw material container for entering into the quarantine zone.
  • Step 6: Weighing scales measures the weight & labels the package for reference.

Where to buy a Dedusting Tunnel System

Chempharm India offers the most advanced autonomous or manually controlled dedusting tunnel systems. Chempharm India provides tailor made Dedusting Solutions, which are designed taking into consideration all client and process requirements. 

You can buy these systems as per your requirement from Chempharm India to ensure safe and reliable operations.

How to Buy Dedusting Tunnel Systems?

You can buy the most advanced dedusting tunnel system by visiting the Chempharm India official website. 

You can buy dedusting tunnel system in no time by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Visit the official Chempharm website.

Step 2: Click on “Dedusting Tunnels”  mentioned under the “Cleanroom Equipments” tab in the navigation menu.

Step 3: Click on “Get a Free Quote”, Provide the necessary information and click on “Submit”. Our team will get back to you on priority to know more about your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the different types of Dedusting Tunnels Solutions available?

Chempharm India offers a wide range of solutions designed to fit the clients requirements. The customizations can be done in automatic sliding doors or flexible polyester curtains, speed controlled conveyor systems, Filter blower assembly, Direction control, Scrubbing bushues horizontal, vertical or both.

What is the main principle on which Dedusting Tunnels works?

The main principle on which Dedusting Tunnels operate is by blowing and scrubbing the incoming package from loose dust particles and collecting the dust particles in the containment tray or area, clean air flows from top to bottom and from sides to ensure complete sanitization of the raw material containers”.

How effective is a dedusting tunnel in increasing production yield?

The dedusting tunnels solutions play a fundamental role in keeping the outside dust particles from the clean area or quarantine zone. The dedusting tunnel can prevent the entry of contamination in raw materials thereby ensuring maximum quality and yield.